Albanian Pride

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Red and black runs in my veins Everyone fears that it does Because of you I am me And because of you I am Albanian Albanian is what I am It keeps me going And because of you A piece of me is apart you I am willing to die To see you fly The two headed eagle is in my heart The shqiponja is what I see And for you ill keep my head up high And for you I will die I’m proud to be Albanian Reflection 1 I chose to write about this because this is apart me who I am. And I love the fact that I am Albanian it means a lot to me. It mean a lot because of the traditions that have been passed down to my parents to me. But also it means a lot to me because of my cultural had to do to be who we are now. We want people to think…show more content…
Most people love who I am because I am honest and I tell the truth no matter what. But then people don’t like because of that because I tell them exactly what I am thinking about and don’t think about what going to come out of my mouth I just say it. So I think this poem is the best one I wrote because it shows who and what Albanians are willing to do for their flag. Reflection 2 A specific element I used that stood out to me was symbol. My symbol in this poem was the two headed eagle. The two headed eagle means a lot if I didn’t show it in the poem. The two headed eagle means a lot to Albanians it shows who we are and what we are willing to do to defend our flag if it is put in harm. This helps me establish the purpose of the poem because I want people to know what we do for the things that we love. This means a lot because we are willing to do anything for the things that we love even if it risks life or death. Each of the literary elements I used enhanced my writing because each one represented a meaning in the poem. Symbol showed an object that means a lot more to us and this helped show how we feel about the things we love. Imagery helped me develop what’s in my veins other then blood I tried to show that the colors of the flag are in my veins because I am Albanian. Rhyme helped me show a lot because it showed the truth about what Albanian would do for their country. Rhyme scheme also helped me but some

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