Albatross Anchor Unit 3

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MT435 Operations Management Kaplan University ntroduction: My name is Aiden and KU Consulting has asked me to prepare a bid on the consulting job with Albatross Anchor. With the information provided to me I am able to go through and analyze the operation as it is running and suggest how to improve the operations to be more competitive with the other anchor manufactures and to increase profits for the company, Albatross has been in business since 1976 with four family members. It has grown to employee one hundred and thirty people. The location of the manufacture is located in a rural suburb it is on twelve acres in Small-town, USA. Question One Based on the information presented in the scenario/case study…show more content…
Albatross Anchors usually do small batch production order due to plant antiquation and safety issues. With the limited manufacturing area and warehouse space the limited space to store raw materials is costing the company more money to produce the anchors. The time frame of production of order is very important to the retailers the less time to produce the more units can be produced to increase the production and bring down the cost of production. Speed in production is the new competitive edge in production as quick as the order is placed by the customer; the customer is expecting the manufacture to have it delivered to them. The way a manufacturing company can meet the challenge of speed by employing the tools and techniques that produce speed in design production and delivery tools like rapid prototyping, concurrent engineering, simulation and 3D modeling, build to order through lean and agile manufacturing, Six Sigma, outsourcing, third party logistics, cross docking. Companies must use them efficiently and effectively in order to gain a competitive advantage (Tompkins, 2002). The company must make technology changes it is the way of the future. Must understand the process of satisfying the customer and using effective communication in order to achieve and maintain speed, and continue through the supply chain to the customer and the supply chain to the suppliers with continuous flow of communication. 3. Flexibility in filling order(s) The goal is to

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