Albert Bandura 's Social Cognitive Theory

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People of the court, here we have Mr. Roy Billy Dawson Jr., formally known as R.J. He is here today because of an unexpected murder that occurred the morning of May 23rd between the hours of three and four. Let me remind you that R.J. was not the only one found at the crime scene when the police arrived. His older sister, Kayla Dawson, and his mother, Ruth Turner, were also present, standing over a lifeless body and a pool of blood belonging to Mr. Gerald Lee Turner. We could quickly put an end to this case by sentencing my client, R.J., life in prison, but as a victim also, R.J. does not deserve such punishment. For 17 years, Mr. R.J. did a lot of observing. Every observation and experience helped with his choices of actions. Albert Bandura 's Social Cognitive Theory will explain how R.J. 's behavior was caused by his past. Albert Bandura 's Social Cognitive Theory explains that people develops a skill or habit based on what they observed during social interactions, experiences, and outside media influences (Santrock, 2011). Bandura uses a model to explain the factors and how they connect between the environment, person, and behavior. When discussing the person using this model, I also use his sister, Kayla, as an example of the person being influenced. The first two reciprocal factors are how the environment influences the person and how the person influences the environment. R.J. grew up in a whole household, but it was not the typical American family. Roy Dawson Sr. and,
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