Albert Bandura 's Social Learning Theory

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Albert Bandura’s Social Learning Theory is a theory that includes development theories in order to understand how children learn. Bandura’s theory is based on how people can learn by observing others, how internal mental states influence people, and how learning something does not change one’s behavior every time. Bandura was able to find out that people learn by three observational models. The first model is the live model which includes observing how someone demonstrates the behavior, the verbal instruction model which learning occurs through auditory directions, and the symbolic model where modeling occurs through media sources such as internet, movies, and books.
Teachers have been influenced greatly in their classes by Bandura’s theories in order to meet the needs of various different learning styles. As an educator I have observed some teachers who use a teaching format that does not include students in observational learning and they tend to be less motivated than those students who learn by the observational models. My paper will discuss Bandura’s biography, observational learning models, and self-efficacy in learning.

Bandura’s Biography
Albert Bandura was born on December 4, 1925 in a small town in the province of Alberta, Canada. He attended a small high school that had only twenty students and only two teachers. Bandura received his B.A at the University of British Columbia in 1949 and received his doctorate at the University of Iowa in 1952. He
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