Albert Bandura 's Social Psychology

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Although the study of psychology has been going on for centuries, many of the first psychologists have done their work in the field, and passed. There are many people who thrive and are in awe of the work done by the previous psychologists that these people have decided to dedicate their life in this study, and continue learning how the human mind works. After looking into many modern day psychologist, I chose Albert Bandura, who studies social psychology. Social psychology deals with social interactions, including its origins and the effects on the individual. Some previous psychologists who have studied social psychology would be Phillip Zambardo and B.F Skinner. Albert Bandura has devoted his life to the study of psychology. Although…show more content…
In 1952, Varns and Bandura were married and they have two daughters, Mary and Carol. After finishing high school, Bandura worked for Yukon filling holes in the Alaskan Highway. Bandura had noticed that most of the men he worked with had escaped from things in the world such as the draft board and even probation officers. This was when he had noticed that there are so many different characteristics of people in the world which made him interested in the psychopathology of life. Right after working for Yukon, Bandura went onto the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. Considering his only way to get to school was to commute with medical students who started the day early, he had no choice but to take classes that started in the morning, which was psychology. His intended major was biology, but in the end, this one psychology class captivated his interests, so he changed his major to psychology. In 1949, three years later, Bandura graduated with a psychology degree. Being the top psychology student, he won the Bolocan Award in Psychology. Next in his journey, Bandura went onto the University of Iowa for his graduate study of psychology. In 1952, he ordained with his PhD. While studying for his doctorate, he became interested in the learning theory and behaviorists. In 1953, Bandura took a job at Stanford University as a psychology
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