Albert Bandura 's Social Psychology

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Although the study of psychology has been going on for centuries, many of the first psychologists have done their work in the field, and passed. There are many people who thrive and are in awe of the work done by the previous psychologists that these people have decided to dedicate their life in this study, and continue learning how the human mind works. After looking into many modern day psychologist, I chose Albert Bandura, who studies social psychology. Social psychology deals with social interactions, including its origins and the effects on the individual. Some previous psychologists who have studied social psychology would be Phillip Zambardo and B.F Skinner. Albert Bandura has devoted his life to the study of psychology. Although there are many different perspectives you can study when it comes to social psychology, Albert Bandura created the social learning theory and focuses on observational theory, imitation and modeling.
Born on December 4th, 1925 in Mundare, Canada, Bandura was the youngest of six children, and was the only boy. Both immigrants, his parents came to Canada as a teenager, his father from Poland and his mother from Ukraine. Both parents had pushed education. His father had taught him three different languages: Polish, Russian and German. Being raised in a small town, Bandura and his sisters attended the only school. Since there was only one school in town for so many students, most of them had to teach themselves in order to get a better…
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