Albert Bandura 's Theory Of Observational Learning

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Today, I will be talking about the famous psychologist Albert Bandura.
Who is Albert Bandura
We have obviously learned about him in the previous unit, so can anyone refresh our memories of who he is and what did he do. Yes, it’s the guy who conducted the Bobo doll experiment which reflected how children saw the adults beating up the doll, and when the kids went in, they did the same, which proves his theory of observational learning.
Also, do you remember the 4 processes of observation:
For example: you watch someone ride a bike which is ATTENTION
Then you when get on a bike you’re supposed to remember what the person did which is RETENTION
Then you try to ride the bike which is the act of REPRODUCTION
And finally, if you’re actually MOTIVATED to ride the bike, only then you would do so, otherwise not which is MOTIVATION
Now as we have refreshed what we learned in the course, I’m going to teach you something new about him
Timeline of Events
So first here’s a timeline of his life events
So he was born on December 4, 1925 , and graduated with a degree in psychology from British Columbia in the year of 1949. He then received his PhD in clinical psychology from the Iowa University. In 1974, he served as a president of the American Psychological Association, and have also received the award of lifetime achievement in the field of psychology, and that happened in 2004.
Early Life
Albert Bandura was born in a little town called Mundare which is located in Alberta.
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