Albert Bandura vs Raymond Cattell

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Cattell was born in a small town in England. After seeing the deaths, and suffering of the people and soldiers in World War I, Cattell began to have a huge curiosity in trying to fix the problems people have in their lives by using science. Cattell was very big on personality, his definition of Personality is” that which permits a prediction of what a person will do in a given situation”(Cattell). Cattells definition of personality is very different from other theorist. Freud is a great example; Freud’s theory was that personality had three different types the id, the ego, and the super-ego. A person that has a strong personality can handle whatever happens to them and no matter how tough the challenge is for them because they are so…show more content…
Theses models provide examples of behavior, for the children to observe and imitate. Children tend to pay attention to most of the models. At a later time in the child’s life they may imitate the behavior that they are surrounded by. This can be related to nurture. Nurture means the things that us, as humans see in our environment not something we are born with that comes natural to us. Nature on the other hand is something that we inherit from our genetics. I agree with the study Bandura conducted I feel as if we do have things that we are just born with, but I feel like the things that tend to happen around us are really what influence us and make us the way we are. I for one know that there are many things that I learned just from being observation and watching adults and people that are older then me like my brother, I watched him do just about everything and everything he did I wanted to copy and that’s why I feel that we as humans tend to be the people we are by the way we observe things. The movie Kumare is about a fake guru, whose mission is to show people that “gurus” are not as real as people think they are. Kumare is the person that Vikram plays to try and show his followers what they need to do. Kumare is expressed in an act of if. Basically if you as a person think that something is true and is something that you can relate to it no matter if the religious teachings are not true if you as a person believe that it is true, then it is

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