Albert Bandura's Observational Learning Theory

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Observational Learning Theory By studying Frank Sinatra through the lenses of the Observational Learning Theory much can be understood. Albert Bandura’s Theory states that individuals learn by observing. His experiment included a Bobo doll an adult actor and a child observer. Bandura picked an object, a Bobo doll, that the children had never been exposed to and their fore did not know how to react to it. He then had the children observe the adults hitting and kicking the doll. Then when the children were placed alone in a room with the doll they began to emulate what they watched the adults do. Consequently, showing that the children learned how to interact solely by observing others interactions. This theory explains numerous behaviors and encounters that Frank Sinatra had. He often resembled the actions of his mother and father. Frank’s Mother Natalia or Dolly was resourceful, she utilized her understanding of English and Italian language to make herself an invaluable translator for immigrants during court proceedings (Kaplan, 2016, Sachs, 1995, Sinatra, 1985). This involvement with the courts allowed her to gain the respect of many local politicians and eventually lead to her becoming a Democratic leader in her community. Dolly was also entrepreneurial, she was the first immigrant woman to hold any position in her local democratic office. Clearly this took immense determination that she demonstrated multiple times during the Woman’s suffrage movement were she once
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