Albert Camus Camus Research Paper

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Over several years there has been a debate as to whether Camus’s character Meursault is an existentialist or an absurdist. He shows many characteristics of each. For example, Meursault relates to an existentialist in the way of not believing in a higher power and that there is nothing after physical existence. Additionally, Meursault also relates to an absurdist by believing that the world will always be indifferent towards him. One could even argue that Meursault is both an existentialist and an absurdist, because the absurdist personality was formed by the Europeans from the existentialist personality. Albert Camus was the first one to show both of these personalities to people. Camus tries to show readers that Meursault is not a normal. His view on the world is very abnormal. Absurdism refers to humanity’s need to look for meaning in life and inability to find meaning. Meursault identifies with an absurdist by believing that the world is…show more content…
Meursault mostly relates to the existentialist personality. Yes, there are traits of both, but the fact that he does not believe in a higher power pushes him more to the existentialist side. He faces many different trials in his life and he still manages to see no meaning it. When he is imprisoned, he only sleeps and withdraws completely. He is able accept his incarceration and not think twice about it. Existentialist act upon their own will and not by what society norms. Usually when a loved one dies, a person takes time to grieve, but Meursault did not take time to grieve. He went back to his day to day life. He even went on a date with Marie very shortly after. Existentialist believe that humans are responsible for their actions. In prison Meursault understands he is there because he killed a man and not being able to smoke is just part of the consequences. The characteristics from absurdism simply come from being an
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