Albert Einstein Essay

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Albert Einstein

Einstein was born in 1879 in Germany. When he was a small child he didn’t show any high intelligence. In fact he even took a while to learn how to speak. He was a smart kid but it took a while for people to notice his intelligence. He would ask questions his own teachers couldn’t answer and he even taught himself calculus. He took an entrance exam for Swiss Federal Polytechnic School and failed. He failed but he was still admitted a year later. While doing his regular work he also studied physics on his own. He applied for an academic position but was rejected. Why would they reject such an intelligent man? But they did and in 1902 he was hired as a patent examiner in Berne. In 1905 his intelligence came out of the
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Einstein had been one of the first few to be invited. Hoffman had ideas and he wanted to explain those ideas to Einstein. He was in awe of Einstein, but when he approached Einstein with the ideas he asked Hoffman to please go slow because he didn’t understand things quickly. Hoffman was impressed by this comment. Who wouldn’t if it was coming from Einstein, the genius the great scientist.

Einstein wasn’t only a genius but he was also a religious man. Who would have thought; but he was. He once said that ideas came from God, and I totally agree. And like he said God is difficult to understand but he is not mean. In other words anything is possible, with God’s help.

Einstein thought of science and trying to figure out things as an every day thing. He asked Hoffman at one time if he wondered why a man’s feet could sink into dry or wet sand. Hoffman didn’t answer; he had never thought of that. But of course Einstein explained it.

With all this Einstein made a great impact on Banesh Hoffman. I say he made a great impact on Hoffman because at first Hoffman had some admiring fear towards Einstein. It went away when Hoffman actually approached Einstein with some of his own ideas. And when Einstein told him to go slow because he didn’t understand things quickly. That comment made it a whole lot better.

I can kind of relate myself with this essay because in a way I can say I’ve been in Hoffman’s place. My

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