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Although there are other very interesting physicists who have contributed to the scientific world, I decided to do some research on Albert Einstein. You may have heard funny stories of his quirkiness like not wearing socks, or you may have seen posters of him with his wild, untamed hair.

I have wondered what Einstein is really like. What was the personality of this man who was so incredibly smart? And if he really was that smart, why would he treat his hair and feet so poorly?

This web page gives a bit of insight to the highly famed physicist. There is a basic overview of the his accomplished theories. Also, I provide a timeline of Einstein's life. His views and politics are a little less known, but what I'm including here that is
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Combining his work with Planck and Bohr, Einstein introduces the idea that the universe is made up of tiny bits of energy and matter.

Third, Einstein produces two papers which in combination is a proof of the existence of atoms.

Fourth, an edition to special relativity proves a link between energy and matter (Energy is equal to mass times the speed of light squared).

These theories were quite shocking at the time. They also began to paint a picture of what the universe is like and the fascinating phenomena that occurs. Einstein certainly did have a "miracle year".

A Matter of Appearance

Peter Bucky, a friend of Einstein, wrote of Albert in order to give the public a more private insight to the physicist. His book starts off with some reminiscences that luckily give us a view of what it would be like to just "hang out" with Einstein.

With these reminiscences I'd like to shed light first on the ever popular topic of Albert Einstein's appearance:

When badgered by wife, Elsa, about his appearance, Albert replies, "It would be a sad thing if the bag was better than the meat which is wrapped in it!"

Another example of Einstein's attitude toward dress is his thank you note to some children who had sent him cufflinks and a tie as a gift.

In his book, Peter recalls an incident as he was driving Albert down the highway in his

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