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Albert Einstein is looked at as one of the most magnificent scientific thinkers throughout history. His theories on the nature and dimensions of time and space immensely changed the way people thought of the physical world and established many of the major fundamental foundations for a tremendous amount of the our scientific discoveries and inventions in the 21st century. Albert Einstein was born on March 14, 1879 in Württemberg, Germany, into a middle-class Jewish family that owned a small electrical equipment manufacturing shop. Einstein showed early signed of genius even though he did not talk until the age of three. Six weeks after he was born, his family moved to Munich; there he began school a few years later at the Luitpold …show more content…
Throughout his two years of attendance, Einstein could only find random odd jobs, nothing that was steady and reliable. All during this time, Einstein had begun to fall in love with one of his fellow students. Her name was Mileva Maric, and unfortunately, his parents strongly disliked and opposed of their affair. Einstein was not only lacking in his family’s support, but also in financial stability, which prevented him from marrying Mileva. The couple proceeded with their relationship, and had an illegitimate child together. Mileva Maric gave birth to Einstein’s daughter, Lieseri, early in the year of 1902. As time passed and a lot of patience exhausted, Einstein finally got the occupation of a clerical worker at the Swiss patent office in Bern. Once achieving financial stability to the best of his abilities at the time, he married Mileva Maric in 1903. They later went on to conceive two more children together, one of which was named Hans Albert whom was born a year after their marriage in 1904, and Eduard whom was not born until seven years later int the year 1910. Einstein began his writings that carried out through a progression of only a few months. He wrote a total of four highly intellectual and groundbreaking articles all while working at the Swiss patent office in 1905. This is were majority of his most creative and scientific work of his life were comprised. The first article delved into the application of the quantum theory to a light

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