Albert Einstein 's Theory Of Relativity And The Father Of The Atomic Age

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Albert Einstein: Theoretical Physicist, Mathematician, Genius
Even in the year 2015, when asking the question, “who is the smartest person in history?” you are likely to receive the same answer every time. Most people recognize this person to be Albert Einstein. This is certainly not an easy title to earn, but when you look at who Albert Einstein is to the world, his achievements, and the work he has done for not only the scientific community, but for the entire world, it is easy to label him as one of the most qualified candidates. Throughout his career, he developed many names for himself. Most notably, he was known as the father of relativity and the father of the atomic age. These two titles alone speak volumes about his achievements and contributions to science, but it is important to examine how he got his name in the history books, and how he made such a big name for himself in his seventy six years of life. Most people know him for his theory of relativity, and the famous formula: E=mc2, but his contributions to science extend far beyond that, making him a renowned scientist long after his death. It requires a tremendous amount of passion for science to be able to live such an inspiring life and leave a long lasting legacy like Albert Einstein has done. His passion and dedication are all shown in Albert Einstein’s work and are what make him one of the biggest contributors to science.
Albert Einstein was born in Ulm, Germany in the year 1879 to Hermann Einstein, and…
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