Albert Einstein's Biography

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Albert Einstein The man who would become one of the most famous minds in the history of the known world, the great thinker Albert Einstein, was born in a small city in the Württemberg region of Germany on March 14, 1879. He was born in Ulm to Jewish parents Hermann and Pauline Einstein (Biography 1967). At birth, Einstein had a proportionately large head and his parents went to their doctor, fearing they had a deformed child and considered measures such as confinement in an institution as was normal for physically deformed children of the period. The physician told them that the child's head was fine and that his large head was fine and that the irregular shape would normalize too in time (Specker 1979). Even his grandmother claimed that he was "much too fat, much too fat!" It seems the whole family found fault in the tiny Albert from the beginning and believed him to be mentally slow (Specker 1979). Theirs was a relatively secular household and Albert's parents taught him to think individually and to appreciate the sciences. Einstein's eventual love of science came in part no doubt due to his father's business which was in the manufacture of electrical equipment. His mother was a homemaker, as was the lot in life for most women of the western world in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Still even in this domestic capacity, Pauline Einstein showed herself to be an extremely bright woman who encouraged her son in his early interest of science. She and her
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