Albert Einstein's Importance to Science

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For example, he sees it as the faster he races through space the slower he moves through time. This means space and time are truly connected they are one in the same. This thought and process all began while Einstein was on the bus. Space combined with time becomes space-time. Nothing like this had been brought up in the European world from any scientist, Einstein was the first. People were not going to believe him until he found a way to demonstrate it. Einstein publishes his articles to popular journals companies hoping for the best to get out there. Even though time travels fast it felt it was going slow for him while waiting for a response. He was getting impatient during this time. It took him a while but he ended up getting a response after Max Planck read the articles. Max Planck was the theoretic guy in Europe he was known for theories. Max acknowledged that the paper Albert read was an important one. Those articles are now one of the most important articles in the history of science. As he was writing about the special relativity theory he found out it was limited to write about. It was difficult to write about because it only was about moving at a constant speed. The special relativity theory only applied to a special case, which is a thing moving in one direction at a constant speed but he wanted to understand the real world but the real world does not work that way. He realized that his theory was unsuccessful for acceleration. If you think about it though
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