Albert Ginstein : The Life And Life Of Albert Einstein

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Albert Einstein was born on March 14, 1879 in the southern city of, Ulm, Wurttemberg Germany. His family consisted of his parents, Hermann Einstein and Pauline Koch, he only had one sibling, a sister named Maria who was known by Maja. Maja was Albert's only friend/sibling throughout his childhood. Since a young age, Einstein developed a devotion for science and math. With his family by his side, Einstein was able to accomplish all of his goals. To becoming one of the greatest minds of science. Furthermore, Einstein endured many difficulties in his lifetime childhood, school, career, and family life but he prevailed through all of the obstacles and one of the most memorable men in physics and mathematics. Einstein had a speech impediment and was not able to speak until a later age than normal. As a result, Dr. Thomas Sowell named a theory after Albert Einstein named the “Einstein Syndrome,” which is when kids that are late talkers turn out to be geniuses. When he attended catholic school, Einstein did really well and never failed a class, but once he attended grammar school he started to do horrible. Albert teachers believed he had a mental disability, but as he started to get older he started to do extremely well. When he was sixteen he applied to the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, there he passed the mathematics and physics sections but failed the other portions, so he was told to go apply some where else. He followed what the the director told him and went

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