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In my experience, when this team work is successfully we will build a good relationship and be a friend, for example, when I work with a multi-culture team in language school, my classmates also become my friends. Team leadership Work in a multi-culture team, the important technique is people need to respect each other, and try to understand everyone’s culture diversity (Trompenaars and Hampden-Turner, 1998, p.60-61). Also have different organizational structure to adapt different culture, so leader is important, because this person might influence this team work is successful or not (Trompenaars and Hampden-Turner, 1998, p.64-66). As a good team leader, have a correct organization can make team operation more effective, and it also…show more content…
Reflection: I think I am really grateful to live with him, although at first we did not be a friend quickly, but in this process we show our friendly to each other and try to care each other’s thinking. Date: 29, 10, 2014 Activity: First presentation and cross-culture lecture Experience: In my experience, few month age I went to London and study in language school. In that time, I meet many people from different countries, and in my class, some classmate from Europe some student from South America, so it is a small multi-culture society. During that time, I was really nervous when the first in the class, but I think my classmates are friendly. Although sometimes I had some misunderstood of their culture but we always talk with each other, and also I make friends with them. Feeling: I feel proud of my experience, because I always show my respect of them and try to be more outgoing person because before I was a little shy. Thoughts: I think when people meet someone who is from other country, maybe at first will worry about how to talk with each other, but I think sometime just try to speak and communicate with other people. Reflection: In my life, I think this experience is really unforgettable, because I think it is a chance to make friends with different background people, and also I change some personality become more outgoing
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