Alberto Urrea's 'The Devil's Highway': A Review

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The Devil's Highway: a Review The Devil's Highway by Luis Alberto Urrea is undeniably a book that is absolutely worth reading. It recounts a nightmarish tale through a desperate landscape and the tales of struggle of 26 real men who risked everything in search of a better life. The Devil's Highway is a real geographic destination; it refers to the Arizona desert on the Mexican border. Some assert that in order to survive this particular region, one would need two gallons of water per day, as the temperatures can be higher than 100 degrees. In fact, some say the Devil's Highway is so hot that dead bodies naturally mummify when left by the side of the road ( This demonstrates one of the main reasons that the book is so worthwhile to read: it tells the story of human survival against a hostile environment. In many ways this has been the fundamental story of human beings from the beginning. Human beings have continually fought to overcome adverse or difficult environments as an aspect of human survival. Nature and the elements even if nature manifests simply by an inhospitable temperature can be one of the most formidable threats to a human being because human beings cannot control nature; they can only react to it as best as they can. Thus, one can easily argue that people will never tire of reading this story because of its dominance to the human condition. Another reason why the book is so worthwhile to read is that it captures another aspect of the human story:

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