Albinism Research Paper

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Albinism is a condition that is inherited from both parents where a person is born with a lack of the usual amount of the pigment melanin. Melanin is the main substance that determines what color hair, eyes, and skin tone someone will have. Albinism is also a rare mutation that affects very few people worldwide, though in some places more than others. The symptoms are quite unique for those who have it as well. Some tribes and small villages even kill or exile those with the mutation.
Albinism affects nearly one out of every twenty thousand people worldwide, though it is more known in some places than others. While in the United States and Europe is affects fewer than five out of every one hundred thousand people, in places like Tanzania and
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That type affects one out of every sixty-thousand males around the world, though it is much less common in females. Nearly one out of every seventy people are a carrier for the albinism gene. That means that even though they carry the albinism gene that does not mean they show any outward sign of having it. To get albinism both parents must have the gene, and the child has a twenty five percent chance of having albinism, a fifty percent chance of being a carrier, and a twenty five percent chance of having two normal genes.
Symptoms of Albinism vary from person to person. Many people think albino and picture pure white hair, the palest skin, and red eyes, but it really depends on the amount of pigment each person has. The skin of a person with the albino mutation is usually paler than most. This causes people with the mutation to be at a higher risk for skin cancers, and they can get sun damage easier than others. It is very important to stay protected out in the sun if a person is albino. For some people with the mutation they can start to produce melanin in their childhood and teen years which can cause a slight change in the
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There have been many documented tribes and villages who exile, murder, and rape any albinos born. One place in particular, Tanzania, as mentioned above as having one of the highest albinism rates around the world is also well known for their albino killings. Witch-doctors believe that the body parts of those with the mutation will bring good luck, success in love, business, and wealth. In March of 2015, thirty two of these witch-doctors were arrested for the ritual killings of at least seventy five albinos since the year 2000. The witch-doctors believe that having sexual intercourse with an albino will cure AIDS, so many albino women of all ages are raped. They also believe that those who are albino are cursed, and sent from the devil which is another reason for the killing of those with the mutation. Though it is not just in Tanzania that it occurs. In many small villages and tribes in Africa, and other places around the world those with the mutation are mistreated. The only person my family can think of that is also albino is my great great grandmother on my father’s side. She was full blooded Cherokee Indian, but because of the mutation she was exiled from the tribe, because they thought she was a bad omen, and would cause bad luck to the rest of the tribe.
Albinism is a rare mutation around the world. Those with albinism can also have some beautifully unique features with the
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