Albrecht Durer 's Self Portraits

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Albrecht Durer’s Self-Portraits Introduction The life of Albrecht Durer is described as that of a person who spent it on influencing art, culture and society during the Northern Renaissance. During his time, he represented and witnessed some of the most momentous events in the modern European history, including both cultural and religious dimensions of the religious humanist movement1. He conceptualized the movement of Martin Luther as part of the larger matrix of religious and theological reforms that were grounded in the humanistic study of Christianity. Since he was the first artist in the north that attempted to change the medieval style of religious devotions to reflect new Renaissance styles and concerns, he was able to give a visual…show more content…
Nonetheless, the revival of trade and towns in the north, which were combined with several other factors, brought the wave of Renaissance to northern Europe. First, there was a revival of the urban centers in the north along with the Spanish and Portuguese that brought overseas colonies that created financial resources, which are required to patronize arts3. Secondly, the growth of trade in the north that was combined with the Italian invasion by the French, as well as the ability of the printing press to spread ideas accurately and quickly, led to the growing contact with the Italian Renaissance ideas. Lastly, the rise of towns together with the increase in national monarchies in England, France, Spain and Portugal led to the decrease in feudal nobility and the medieval church. It, therefore, reduced the resistance of new ideas from the Renaissance. However, the northern Renaissance should not be viewed as an imitation of the Italian Renaissance because there are two major differences in the cultural movements that existed between the north and Italy. First, the church had a lot of influence despite being shaken by scandals and corruption. Second, the rising power of national monarchies and power also made the northern Renaissance more nationalistic in nature. The Renaissance and Classical Culture The Northern and Italian Renaissance had cultural differences whereby countries in the north of the Alps were short
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