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Dave Matthews Band’s album Crash was their second major-label release and debatably one of their most popular albums, as well. The band is made up of multiple brilliant musicians consists of the violinist Boyd Tinsley, carter Beauford the drummer, Dave Matthews the main singer, as well as, guitarist, bassist Stefan Lessard, and finally Leroi Moore playing the saxophone (Dmb Tour Members). Dave Matthews Band was started in early 1991 and has only grown bigger and better throughout the years making them a statement band in our society. The twelve song album bounces from upbeat to mellow songs in a perfect blend that fits together so outstandingly.
The album Crash’s first song is “So Much To Say”. It is a very upbeat catchy song that starts
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This song is also about society being too greedy and never being satisfied with what they have and always wanting more.
“#41” is named so because it was the forty-first song the band recorded. It’s about Dave losing someone you love and wanting them back. Dave is saying he knows she might need some time but he’s ready and tries to go slow, “I'm coming slow but speeding,” but his feelings are too strong and he will do whatever it takes to convince her even if it hurts him in the end (Lyrics). It also references his rise to fame and people coming to him for that rather than the music.
The sixth song on the album is “Say Goodbye” expressing Dave’s desire for a friend. Throughout the song he's talking about taking this relationship to the next level even though he knows that everything will change after this night, but he's trying to convince himself that it won't.
“Drive in drive out” features Dave singing with a much raspier deeper voice then most the other songs. This song references an on again off again relationship. This is apparent in the line, “Drive in drive out, I'm leaving, drive in drive out, I'll come back again”, as in he leaves the relationship (drive out) and then comes back to it again (drive in) (Lyrics). It also showcases the band’s drummer Carter Beauford’s phenomenal musical talent.
A majority of the beginning of the song, “Lie In Our Graves” talks about walking by the water and Dave wandering through the wilderness for a

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