Albuterol Case Study Essay

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There is some missing information from her medication history regarding her compliance. It would be helpful to know her drugs allergy (if she has them), her baseline blood pressure, and average blood glucose level before breakfast, lunch, and dinnertime to confirm that 32 units of NPH insulin is sufficient to keep her blood glucose level within normal limit. Since she mentioned that she really does not like those shots (I assume it is about insulin), there is a concern if she is compliant. She also mentioned that she sometimes runs out of her asthma medications, and she states she doesn’t always take the medications every day. The question arises if she takes Albuterol more often than four times a day because she has difficulty of breathing due to continuous cigarettes smoking, or she does not refill on time to continue treatment uninterrupted, and what is the reason behind? We also do not know if she space her eye drops between each kind about 10 minutes apart as recommended? There is also concern if she supposed to take her Timolol ophthalmic, since it is not…show more content…
Age-related physiological changes in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract include decrease in GI motility and intestinal blood flows, elevated gastric pH, delayed gastric emptying, and decrease the absorptive surface area. What it means? The reduced secretion of gastric acid can reduce solubility of basic drugs. The delay in gastric emptying allows for a longer contact with the lining of the stomach and medication like ibuprofen or other NSAIDs can potentially harm the stomach. Increased concentrations of NSAIDs have been associated with a higher incidence of gastric bleeding from peptic ulcers (Miller, 2012). Delay in emptying can also increase absorption of poorly soluble
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