Albuterol Excessive Bronchodilators: A Case Study

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Albuterol action: Albuterol are effective bronchodilators because they have the ability to relax the airway smooth muscles. They carry out this effect by binding to active site beta2-adrenergic receptors on main receptors on bronchial smooth muscle relaxation with less cardiac stimulation. The onset of action starts in 20minutes and peak of action is between 2-3 hours, the half-life of 5 hours, metabolized in the liver, elimination is through renal excretion(80% to 100%) and less than 20% is detected in feces (Up To Date).
Warnings/Precaution: Excessive use of Albuterol can cause Paradoxical bronchospasm and this can be a fatal reaction. Use with caution in diabetes mellitus patient; beta2-agonist may increase serum glucose and worsen preexisting
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