Alcans Azustralia Limited Leadership Essay

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(Case Study Report)

Case Study: Alcan Australia Limited

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Executive summary

In the modern era to be one in its own and to be global leading firm, not only huge investments and large infrastructure required, along with these there is a great need of perfect, efficient and effective leadership, leadership programs and motivational skills. These entire together make a firm more innovative and perfectly sound .The example is here Alcan’s Australia Limited which is a mixture of all these skills and effective operations and today, a Australian leading company.


1. What do you believe were the key reasons for the success of the Alcan’s leadership training
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Empower employees to achieve - It involves: * Setting specific, measurable and challenging goals that impact on all aspects of quality and effectiveness. * Setting and demonstrating high standards in all aspects of the tasks to be completed. * Displaying faith in the ability of employees to effectively carry out tasks and achieve goals.
3. Encourage participation and involvement – It involves * Holding regular meetings to discuss team progress * Discussing work methods and approaches with subordinates * Seeking ideas and opinions amongst team members * Team decision making.

4. Demonstrate empathy and provide support- It involve * Finding ways of making the job more stimulating and interesting * Being personally supportive and helpful * Providing appropriate resources and organisational support * Providing encouragement and increasing the self-esteem of individual team members.

So in this case these four principles are applied in the company operations which prove to be very successful for the company.

Maslow Hierarchy of needs

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There are five different levels in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and some of these needs are seen here in this case and these are: 1. Security Needs- These include needs for safety and security. Security needs are important for
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