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Gilberto Garcia OMIS 442 Chapter 3: Alcoa Case 1. From a strategic management standpoint, why do you think that corporate management at Alcoa delayed taking action for five years as the plant continued to lose money and deteriorate in other operational measures? I think a lot of key things might have played a role with this decision. Corporate management wanted to see what could be done and introduced new management to the plant. There were a lot of issues to be resolved such as high rates of serious injuries, poor quality control, inadequate leadership, and low morale. It would take time to implement change and establish a new organizational culture in order to turn the company around. I think they wanted to give the new management…show more content…
Simonic possessed a strong leadership style and was very clear which played a key role with turning the plant around. He took control of the situation by conveying a clear vision of the group's goals, had a marked passion for the work, and had ability to make the rest of the group feel recharged and energized 3. How easy or difficult would it be for other organizations to duplicate the leadership style of Simonic and the organizational systems practiced at Addy, prior to, and after Simonic’s tenure? I think that prior to Simonic, it might have been difficult for other organizations to duplicate his Transformational Leadership style. My reason is that at the time, organizational and corporate cultures might have been completely different and there may have been a universal way of doing things throughout manufacturing companies as well as with Addy where profitability is the number one priority. . However, I do think that it takes just one person or company to be a game changer and only after their success, companies will realize the benefit of using this form of a certain form of leadership or organizational culture. In this case, after the successful transition Simonic brought to Alcoa and making safety its number one priority, more and more companies may have followed with his leadership style and with

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