Alcoa's Case

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Alcoa’s Case Study 2
1. How would you classify Alcoa’s ethical climate? Which ethical criterion, as shown in figure 5.1., was used by the company: egoism (self-centered), benevolence (concern for others) or principles (integrity approach)? Or, using Professor Paine’s two distinct ethics approaches, as discussed in this chapter, was Alcoa’s approach more compliance or integrity?
Alcoa since its inception had a very strong values and the people itself enforce these values, all the employees knew clearly that all the decisions should be done according to the Alcoa’s Core standards. Since my point of view the corporate culture sets the ethical work climate of the firm as principle (integrity approach) because Alcoa expected personal morality
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130). All in all, the company emphasized that the program’s tools must be understandable by all employees, must support the company’s strong value system, and must be continually reinforced by management (Lawrence &...

In my opinion, this company had very great values and even had people to enforce these values. To me when you are running and organizing a company there are guidelines that must be followed no matter what. To me this is exactly what Fred Fetterolf had in mind. Alcoa had a great work climate it was well structured and put together. Alcoa put safety first which is a great quality to have in any business.
In my opinion Alcoa used the integrity approach as far as the ethical criterion. To use an integrity approach is the best method in my opinion because to have integrity is having wonderful core values in my opinion. The top management enforced the Alcoa program. The Alcoa program included all the basic elements specified in the U.S. Federal Sentencing Guidelines and...

2. What role did top management commitment play in developing the ethical work climate and organizational performance seen at Alcoa? What other ethical safeguards are mentioned in the case to support the company's effort at developing a strong ethical culture?

Management role is always vital in any work climate and in that respect the role that Alcoa played cannot be ignored. From the beginning the company incorporated their values and documented
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