Alcohol Abuse : A Continuous Pattern Of Drinking

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Alcohol abuse (305.00) is a continuous pattern of drinking that ends up harming your health, personal relationships or even being to work. It is also to be linked up to suicide. They say the risk of suicide is higher in older men who suffer from depression and have a history of drinking. Alcohol abuse adds to failure to report to work or be able to do your specific duties or responsibilities that need to be performed even at school, or home. Also leads to dangerous activities like drinking and driving. Alcohol abuse is combined with alcohol dependency (303.90) Alcohol abuse is combined with alcohol dependence will create a highly greater disorder to more moderate or severe disorder. Alcohol abuse has long term and short term risks to a person’s health. Alcohol abuse and alcohol dependency eventually will lead to binge drinking. Binge drinking is considered consuming 5 or more alcoholic drinks in men and 4 or more alcoholic drinks in women. Binge drinking increases violent behaviors such as fighting, injuries, vandalism, abuse, trouble with the law, drunk driving, hurting yourself physically and mentally, and mostly problems with your personal and social life. It harms your memory and even impairs your working memory as well as not being able to comprehend what is being said or your own personal words being impaired. If you combine binge drinking with alcohol abuse and stress can lead to heart attacks. The chances of becoming dependent have been increasing within a week a…
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