Alcohol Abuse Affects Our Society

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Part 3
Alcohol, from the time of our forefathers, has been in our society and the abuse of alcohol as became more aggressive and damaging than ever. Alcohol abuse affects our society from infancy to late adulthood and as a whole alcohol abuse disrupts the places where we work, our family life, and our spiritual being. The chronic use of alcohol has been an issue for many years and has a great effect on the young adults of today. Alcohol can ignite disruptions in their daily growth as productive adults and livelihood, and can lead to destruction for the young abuser. Along with the new pressures of learning how not to drink, prevention and treatment is a must for the young adult who is suffering from the abuse of alcohol. With counseling, a young adult recovering from alcohol can find the underlying issues which may have caused the abusive behavior, get better from the addiction of alcoholism, and restore an identity based on truth to maintain relationships with others and God. Moreover, they will become beacons of hope for others who struggle with this battle. The focus of this paper is to target the problematic issue of alcohol abuse during early adulthood and explain the causes, preventions, and treatments for the recovery of the abuser. The paper also challenges how the Bronfenbrenner’s model could possibly contribute to the cause of the abuse or may have helped to foster resiliency needed to overcome the challenges of the alcohol addiction, introducing the alcoholic…
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