Alcohol Abuse Among College Students

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It was once stated on the essay “Too Many Colleges Are Still in Denial About Alcohol Abuse” that colleges have a serious problem with alcohol abuse among students, and it’s not getting any better…college presidents viewed alcohol abuse as their top campus-life problem” (Wechsler 336).
I believe that alcohol consumption is one of the biggest problems we as a society are facing now a day. We see this as a common activity among college students and sometimes we even encourage it by letting people believe is a natural thing for teenagers to do. The bigger problem is actually binge drinking-defined as the heavy, episodic use of alcohol (Wechsler 337).
Although many see this as something fun and entertaining, alcohol consumption has many effects on the life of the drinker and those around him/her.
According to an essay published by College Parents dot com, about four out of five college students drink alcohol (College Parents). If we think about this, four out of five students drink. But the question is how many people are actually affected by the drinker’s behavior?
Families and friends of those who drink are usually the most affected ones. 87 per cent of non-binge drinkers said they experienced several problems because of other’s binge drinking. (Wechsler 338).
I have a friend, he is the kindest, most serviceable guy you could ever meet, but once he starts drinking, he transforms into a totally different person. There’s been times when he has yelled and gotten into fights with
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