Alcohol Abuse And Alcohol Use Disorder

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A brief history of alcohol and its use, alcohol has been around since the birth of man. Alcohol has been used for medical reasons, as well as recreational use. As far as historians can tell, the abuse of Alcohol had been around just as long. But people haven’t considered it some type of disorder until the 19th century. In 1819, German Doctor C. W. Hufeland coined the term Dipsomania. Dipsomania was the uncontrollable craving for alcohol. In 1849, Dipsomania became known as Alcoholism. In the 1920’s, Alcoholism was so bad and out of controll, that America had a Prohibition Period in which alcohol was illegal. In the DSM-IV, there were two different and distinct disorders (or subtypes) involving alcohol. Both of these disorders (or subtypes) had their own criteria. They were Alcohol Abuse Disorder, and Alcohol Dependence Disorder. The DSM-V merge the two together and as a result, it is now called Alcohol Use Disorder. An interesting fact, under the new DSM-V criteria, as much as 31% of college students may meet the criteria of Alcohol Use Disorder.
AUD (Alcohol Use Disorder) has 3 sub-classifications: Mild, Moderate, and Severe. Mild AUD is the presence of 2-3 criteria met. Moderate AUD is the presence of 4-5 criterial met. Severe is the presence of 6 or more criteria met. According to the DSM-V, the criteria include the following: A problematic problem must be present, and the problem involves alcohol leading to impairment or distress. At least 2 of the following criteria…
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