Alcohol Abuse At An Event

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Alcohol Abuse at an Event In 2013, statistics show that “87% of people aged from 18 and older” (NIH), consume alcohol at some point in their lifetime. Why do people go to a party and consume alcohol? It may be all caused by pressure: social pressure and peer pressure. Alcohol has detrimental effects, both physical and mental health. Alcohol’s detrimental effects lead to the results of drinking and driving, antisocial behaviour, and it causes self embarrassment. Alcohol should not be served at an event. When alcohol is served at a party, unless a designated driver is used, the guests drive home drunk. Driving home drunk can cause severe consequences. Brad Tuttle, writer for Time Magazine, in an article he wrote “Skip the DUI and get a free ride home on July 4” claims that “By most accounts, it’s also the deadliest day of the year on the roads, with an average of 127 people dying in car crashes every Fourth of July” (Time 93). On the Fourth of July, people get drunk. Hosts at the party should help prevent guests from driving under the influence. No host wants to have fun the night before and attend the funeral they caused the next day. Who would want to live with death in their conscience? Death isn’t the only reason to avoid drinking at a party. Tuttle also states that “As if that’s not enough to encourage you to plan ahead and find a safe way home during the holidays, the cost of a DUI conviction could easily run $20,000 or more for a first­time offender” (Time 93).
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