Essay on Alcohol Abuse

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Unlike most other substances that can be abused easily, alcohol is the most accessible as you can legally buy it in almost any city or town without interference if you are above the legal age. Easy access to alcohol is a key reason why alcohol abuse and alcoholism is such a common problem in America. In the United States, “alcohol abuse affects about 10% of women, and 20% of men. ” The scary thing about alcohol is that it attracts and affects people from all socioeconomic backgrounds; nobody is immune to alcohol abuse. When you do the math, it is apparent that almost 50 million people in our country have issues with alcohol. When a person abuses alcohol, it affects their brain and they behave in an abnormal manner. Like any other …show more content…
This is not a successful strategy and usually backfires as using alcohol causes more arguments that lead to greater problems between the people. Also, drinking leads to neglect and decreases the likelihood that a person will take care of their responsibilities. For example, how is a person supposed to go to work, make enough money to support their family if they are always drunk or hung over? It is hard for alcoholics to even remember their commitments, much less execute them. This same example applies for students as well as people in the working world. Alcohol abuse makes it extremely difficult to succeed in school and a consequence of drinking too much alcohol is doing poorly in class or possibly getting fired from you job. People who are dependent on alcohol tend to revolve their schedule around their drinking plans, and they generally spend most of their time thinking about drinking or recovering from its effects. The added emphasis on drinking takes time away from the activities they used to enjoy most, which could include playing sports or hanging out with family or friends. Alcoholics usually place themselves in dangerous situations such as “drinking and driving, operation machinery while intoxicated, or mixing alcohol with prescription medication against doctors orders. ” Also, there are many laws such as
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