Alcohol Abuse : Wales And Greece

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Introduction: I have chosen the topic of Alcohol abuse in Wales and Greece. The reason I have chosen these two countries is because they are very similar in size and they have both had numerous reports of alcohol abuse. I believe that I have the relevant information on both countries to be able to put together an investigation on which one is worse off. There is many different types of drinking that effects both countries the same, for example, there is different statistics for binge drinking and different statistics for under age alcohol abuse. The reason that I am looking into this issue in depth is because of the fact that I believe it is an issue that affects various different countries around the globe but I wasn’t able to compare many countries with Wales because they are a lot bigger and due to that fact it would not be a fair investigation. Another reason that I have chosen both of these countries to look into Alcohol abuse about is because they are both notorious for many youth’s drinking alcohol at least once every week which will obviously increase the overall statistics for both of the countries that I am studying. I will look for some more information on alcohol abuse in these two countries just to make sure that the amount I have is suitable for this particular investigation and to make sure that I am able to give the correct statistics. Many people believe that drinking alcohol isn’t a good thing to do but to others it can be a really nice way to socialise
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