Alcohol Abuse Within Native American Societies Essay

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Substance abuse is a topic most prefer not to discuss; it destroys lives, relationships and families all over the world. Native Americans seem to have suffered immensely by it. Since the coming of the Englishmen and the introduction of new knowledge and tools Native people have been trying to hold on to their own culture and their own way of life. Unfortunately with them came new items for consumption, alcohol was one of the main ingredients to the internal downfall of Native populations. Native American populations suffer greatly due to the ongoing epidemic of substance abuse and dependence; some things are being done about the problems people are having but in the end will it be enough to heal a nation? To open this paper I will look at…show more content…
While most live and go on with life in a pretty average way other choose to live a life where risk is almost the main aspect. Drug and alcohol use for many is a death sentence. What compels people to destroy their lives, their relationships and sometimes their own family? What effect does this have on the Native American population? It has long been known that Aboriginal people suffer from alcoholism in vast numbers but with this paper we will get an in depth look at how this happened and why is it still a problem. We will also see the effects this has on future generations, who grow up in such an environment and even those genetically inclined to such addictive behaviours. And according to the DSM-III-R there is a difference between abuse and dependence, “abuse being one or more of the following occurring in a 12 moths period; failure to fulfill major obligations at work, home or school, substance use in physically hazardous situations, substance related legal problems, and continued use even when suffering social and interpersonal problems because of substance use. Also the symptoms must never have met the criteria for dependence. Dependence on the other hand, is three or more of the following, occurring anytime in the same 12 month period; a need for increased amounts to achieve “high” or diminished effect of particular amount over time, withdrawal when not using or need for something to replace substance when not available,
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