Essay on Alcohol Abuse and Native Americans

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The impact of various kinds of substances to cultural groups has historically been precipitated by the significance of particular substances on different cultural groups (Moore, 2010).This is mainly because the long term usage of these substances leads to the integration of the consumption of the substance into the cultural patterns of the given group. One such group that has been affected by the extensive usage of a particular substance is the Native American community. According to the Associated Press (2014, August 28), as noted on the MSNBC website, out of ten deaths among the Native American population, one is Alcohol related. Additionally, the prevalence of Alcohol consumption among the Native American population relates to…show more content…
However, in order to understand the culture of the Native Americans, it is important to study each group distinctly from the other. While the history of the Native Americans is beyond the scope of this paper, it suffices to note that the enduring cultural practices of the Native Americans have had an impact on the abuse of substances such as Alcohol (Moore Gay, 2010). The prevalence of alcohol among this cultural group has been influenced in two ways: by a misperception, social rules, norms and customs, and traditions that have normalized drinking among certain tribes.
The contextual cultural experiences of most Native Americans has led to the normalization of drinking especially among age groups and related events such as among peers and when preaching. Nevertheless, the stereotype of the “drunken Indian” has also had an impact on the consumption levels in this cultural group (U.S. National Library of Medicine, 2011). A study of the Navajo Indians led to the conclusion that stereotype can lead members of the group to consider excessive drinking as a normal part of the cultural practices of a particular cultural group. Indeed, the Native American population has been influenced by such stereotypes which traverse the history of the Indians, for example, in as far as consumption of alcohol is concerned (U.S. National Library of Medicine, 2011).
According to statistics held by the U.S. National Library of
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