Alcohol Addiction And Its Consequences Essay

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Alcohol Addiction and Its Consequences Alcohol is considered an enjoyable and occasional component of social settings; however, its depressant nature and addictive properties are frequently overlooked. Over the years, it has become more popular in society to excessively drink. Heavy and binge drinking has been seen to increase in most counties, but the magnitude of change varied considerably (Dwyer-Lindgren, Mokdad, & Flaxman, 2016). Binge drinking is when one drinks an excessive amount of alcohol during a short period of time. This type of drinking may lead to serious internal long term and short term biological effects such as nerve damage, unconsciousness, and anemia (SHORT-TERM EFFECTS OF ALCOHOL, 2016). Drinking alcohol has become a problem of consider-able magnitude today, and has impacted many people who choose to take advantage of it. Alcoholism has been an understated problem in society today. We see alcohol as a normal drink at the table or during a gathering. Alcoholism is a general craving for alcohol and there is no tolerance in having it. Alcoholics are mostly in denial when accusing them of what they are doing and that is the psychological part of alcohol addiction. Alcohol may cause severe effects on the body, internally. A great example of that would be nerve damage due to binge drinking, or in other words, alcohol addiction. Nerve damage has long term effects on the body. There are three different types of nerve damages. Damage to the motor network

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