Alcohol And Adolescents

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Adolescents & Alcohol
The adolescent period of a human is the developmental phase of child to adult. During this time in a human’s life the entire body is developing rapidly, there are many factors that can affect the natural development. Alcohol is one of the most common depressants used and abused by adolescents which can alter the development of the body, especially the development of the brain. “When data from the World Health Organization’s Global Burden of Disease study were used to calculate cause-specific disability-adjusted life years for young people aged 10–24 years, the main risk factors were found to be alcohol.” (Marshall, 2014) There are many reasons why adolescents use alcohol, whether they are aware of the potential consequences
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“There are changes in social and affective processing during adolescence, the neurodevelopmental changes mean that adolescents behavior is particularly flexible and well suited to adapting to different situations. (Peeters, et. al., 2014). Due to the flexibility of adolescents, they will quickly adjust to pressure from peers, without considering possible effects of their decision. If the group they strive to become a part of consumes alcohol, there is a great chance that they will quickly adapt to that habit to gain approval. The quick adjustments to pressure are due to a lack of maturity, during adolescent years. Genetics, can also play a major role in the risk of adolescent alcohol use. Psychologist can use known genetic characteristics to anticipate an adolescents chance of being affected by alcohol. According to Marshall (2014), one characteristic that can be measured but cannot be seen is endophenotypes. “Endophenotypes are not an element of the disorder but are associated with it, contribute to individual vulnerability and are seen in the families of affected individual.” (Marshall, 2014). Adolescent’s that come from a family of alcohol abusers have a higher chance of developing problems with alcohol. Along with the environmental and genetic factors, hormonal factors play a role in alcohol use for adolescents. Many hormones are flowing through the body…show more content…
This test used family history to determine the effects of a child’s genetics in relation to them potentially developing an alcohol abuse. “Growing evidence shows that FH+ youth, prior to their initiation of alcohol consumption, demonstrate deficits in abstract reasoning and planning, have lower IQ scores, exhibit poorer academic performance, and have slower trajectories in cognitive improvement at one- year follow- up compared to FH-youth.” (Silveri, 2012). Children that come from a family with a history of alcoholism are already behind their peers, without even trying a taste of alcohol. Being behind your peers could potentially send a child into a deep depression, leading them towards alcohol to cope with the stressful
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