Alcohol And Drug Abuse Should Be Prevented

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When you hear the term “alcoholic,”or “addict,” people automatically think of someone who drinks, or does drug abuse too much and whose life is falling apart as a result. Maybe that is the problem or truth , or maybe it’s not. Alcohol and drug abuse should be prevented. These two cases we don 't see very often, maybe we hear about it every now and then but, it 's happening all around us, way more than we think. Teens are involved more than adults, when it comes to drinking and smoking. Although teens are involved more so than any other age, it 's also seen that adults, young adults, and elders are also influencing these bad habits, and abusing them as well. However, we fail to notice these things taking place, and we also fail to prevent it; as long as it isn’t “you” in this situation. How much do we really take notice? Maybe not in our lives, but in others , such as: friends, neighbours, etc. What if you were in this situation? Would it change your perspective, or how you would take notice? These are the type of questions that are brought about when reading and taking into another point of view about things, such as life. We can 't stop these cases, but we can help prevent them.
According to the article , “To Stop Violence, Start at Home” written by Shifman, Pamela, and Salamishah Tillet , Anna : a woman who is formal with drug abuse and domestic violence shares her story on how, drugs had an effect on her early childhood, and leading up to a young adult, she 's never…

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