Alcohol And Drug Addiction : Drugs

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Alcohol and Drug Addiction
Xinge Xu
University of Toronto

Throughout the vast history of mankind, alcohol has always been a popular and controversial topic. Unlike other illegal drugs with strict rules, alcohol seems to be a more universal and socially acceptable drink. In fact, it is the most widely used drug substance in the world. However, with the gradually increasing amount of problems associated with alcohol, people should weigh and examine the medicinal purposes and its side effects. People are paying attention to alcohol and the famous one among them is Marc Lewis, who shares his own alcohol abuse experience in the book Memoirs of an Addicted Brain. The detailed explanations of underlying neurochemical mechanisms of alcohol, as well as the vivid descriptions of feelings after drinking alcohol in his book lay a solid foundation for general people’s understanding towards alcohol. There are three aspects of alcohol Lewis talks about in his book are similar to what we know in the news and other books. His memoir well explores the physical pleasure alcohol brings, the chemical mechanism of consuming alcohol, and the way to overcome alcohol by love and support. The role of alcohol has a great impact on Lewis’ life in the book, similar to the way its role affects today 's modern society. People tend to consume alcohol to find joy in their lives. Firstly, alcohol brings various body feelings and mind transformations. When Lewis is…

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