Alcohol And Its Effect On Society

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Throughout our history, alcohol has been around for over 100 years. Alcohol has been used for many purposes such as medicinal; to receive nutrients in the body and fore most the biggest role it has served is as an intoxication. Everyone, from our ancestors to now, have used it as a way to relieve stress; to not feel any type of pain, or as a way to party and get their mind off of things for a while. In addition, alcohol is also used to increase an individual’s appetite. It may benefit some but it has increasingly grown throughout the years, all around the world. It first was created for a medicinal purpose in the late eighteenth century. In the late eighteenth century alcohol was named spirits. It grew in markets as well as in Britain. Later on, in Britain the amount of alcohol being consumed grew to an amount of eighteen million gallons. After the eighteenth century, in the nineteenth century changes were highly made, such as the way alcohol was moved and promoted, taking in consideration the attitudes it was causing all throughout. In the early 1920’s the United States had passed a law that prohibited the sale of alcohol as well as the import and export. Stating that law, trading began to be illegal by the 1930s. Causing all to illegally trade their alcohol all around. Since that was occurring the law was later on cancelled.
In today’s century, alcohol has been the major cause of car accidents and deaths. To some, their young adolescent years has been the right phase in…
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