Alcohol And Its Effects On Alcohol

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Alcohol has long been a subject of controversy. Long before man understood the indications and contraindications of alcohol there has been laws against this drug. Classifying alcohol as a drug may not be suited for a majority of the population because people like to partake in drinking. Imbibing in alcohol is a tradition in many parts of the country. We use alcohol for celebrations, traditions, socialization and combining food flavors with specific alcohols. Forgetting that too much can lead to many issues and problems like alcoholism, liver disease and contraindications with other medications. Alcohol was extremely detrimental to the native Americans of this land.
Keywords: alcohol, tradition, addiction, indications, contraindications, liver disease, native Americans.
Alcohol Abuse and its Indications
Alcohol has been around for many centuries, involving tradition, religion, and social gatherings. For many using alcohol is not a problem because they fall into the categories listed above. In some churches, the use of wine is used to represent the blood of Christ, although many have turned to grape juice now. Others use alcohol as a custom for watching football or perhaps traditionally within some cultures like the Irish, who drink daily for continued health. And lastly, social gatherings are also an excuse to ‘drink up’ and celebrate any event in one’s life. What most people fail to realize is that drinking can lead to health issues and dependence.
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