Alcohol And Its Effects On Society

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Books, commercials, billboards, restaurants, clothing shops, grocery stores, and even children’s cartoons all often feature the everyday menace commonly known as alcohol. Most people do not consider alcohol a threat to society.or think that it should be a controlled substance. They feel that as long as they do not drink too much, there is no harm in it, but they are wrong. Alcohol should be categorized as a controlled substance because it causes health problems, impairs judgment, contributes drastically to accidents, is extremely addictive, increases abuse and crime, escalates divorce rates, and is especially harmful to teen drinkers. Alcohol causes a sundry of health complications. Over time, drinking more than recommended, which is 2-3 units (1 unit = ½ pint of beer) per day in women and 4-3 units per day in men, can cause fatal liver diseases, ulcers, cancer, nervous system issues, and malignant melanoma – a skin cancer that kills over 9,500 people in the United States per year (“Melanoma”). Long-term drinking has also been linked to “psychiatric problems such as depression, anxiety, and antisocial personality disorder” (Alcohol (Ethanol) Effects”). Even moderate alcohol use during pregnancy can result in spontaneous abortion, and neonatal mortality - death during the first 28 days of life (United States). Kidney disease is another possible result, which, if not diagnosed early, can lead to complete kidney failure. As of now, total kidney failure can only be treated by
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