Alcohol And Substance Abuse And The National Minimum Drinking Age Act

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Since alcohol and substance abuse have come into play, along with health issues, and emotional issues in peoples lives, questions started to arise. One being the legal age to start drinking alcohol. The national minimum drinking age act was signed on July 17th, 1984 to the law, with the drinking age at minimum being 21 (Archer M.D.). An adult is any person who’s reached the age of maturity as directed by law (Archer M.D.). Legally, being 18 years old in the U.S. is considered to be the adult age, but the consumption of alcohol has always been withheld from the young adults of today, until the age of 21. When you’re 18 year old, you can apply for a credit card, legally marry whoever you may want without parental consent, divorce, rent, purchase, sign a binding contract, vote, serve on the jury, and serve in the military as well (Archer M.D.). If charged for a crime at 18, the person shall be charged as an adult (Archer M.D.). So what young adults 18-20 and more are wondering, is why; and if the age restriction for alcohol is really necessary. There’s only four countries as well as the U.S in today’s age that uses 21 as the necessary age to be legally allowed to start drinking (Archer M.D.). Even more radically, some countries such as Jamaica, Morocco, and Vietnam, can legally give newborns alcohol (Archer M.D.). Even with this, it’s founded that youth drinkers are often or usually shocked to learn how much of a little amount of alcohol it takes to critically impair their…

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