Alcohol And Substance Recovery Became Popular

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When alcohol and substance recovery became popular, it was just individual groups that supported recovery. It wasn’t until 1935 that the federal government acknowledged that alcoholism was a disease and needed to be treated. Once the government acknowledged that people could be an alcoholic, they opened their 1st “narcotic farm”. This facility marked the beginning of federal involvement in addiction research and treatment. Since the government recognized alcoholism as a chronic disease, the insurance industry began to reimburse the treatment of alcoholism just like any other illness. This leads to a dramatic expansion in private and hospital-based inpatient treatment programs. In 1966, President Johnson appoints the first National Advisory Committee on Alcoholism and becomes the first President to address the country on alcoholism. It’s a good thing President Johnson is on board with helping alcoholics because just 2 years after he appointed the National Advisory Committee on Alcoholism, the Federal Advisory Committee on Traffic Safety releases a report saying that alcohol plays a role in car crashes. This report causes politicians to consider if there should be a punishment for drinking and driving. This foreshadows President Reagan 's “War on Drugs.” However, before Reagan becomes president, First Lady Betty Ford speaks to the nation about entering recovery from addiction to alcohol and other drugs. This symbolizes that anyone can become addicted, but you shouldn’t be…
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