Alcohol And Tobacco At A Young Age

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Introduction: During adolescence children tend to experiment new experiences and experimenting with alcohol and drugs is common. It is very unfortunate that the teenagers often don 't realize the consequences they are going to face in the future due to their actions today. They also have a tendency to feel indestructible and immune to the problems that others experience. It is obvious that usage of alcohol and tobacco at a young age would definitely spoil their health and would have many health issues. Due to the changes during adolescence, some teenagers would try alcohol and tobacco once and stop, while some would try them and use occasionally. However, there would be some teenagers who are week and get carried away…show more content…
Three per cent admitted they were regular smokers, and the mean age of those trying their first cigarette was 12-years-old. About a quarter of students said they were offered drugs and 19 per cent said they had taken drugs, above the national average of 12 per cent, but below the figure of 28 per cent in 2008. Cannabis, Glue and Solvents were the most common drugs used. Among the students having ever drank there was a 10 per cent decrease in the levels, which was at 43 per cent in 2008, taking Wandsworth below the national average. Young girls described their emotional health status to be fair and poor while most students described their emotional health was excellent. In 2013 the council launched a poster campaign highlighting the consequences of smoking to discourage youngsters from spoking. The Wandsworth Tobacco Alliance has a target to reduce smoking by three percent this year. In a meeting Councillor James Maddan, a member of the alliance, said: "Reducing smoking will be a key aim of the council when it retains control of public health in April. "Alliance would continue their work in schools, and work with families and entire community to break the habit of smoking and other bad behavior that cause ill health. as well as working with whole families, and even entire communities, to break the
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