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Jenna Knight 000474041 Mrs. Cukrowski Cornerstone 1 April 2013 Annotated Bibliography: Effects of Alcohol on the Brain Research Question: What long lasting effects does binge drinking have on the brain? As a college student, alcohol is a very real and prevalent temptation. It is a normal occurrence for a Friday night to be filled with friends, a bonfire, and alcohol out on the lake. Unfortunately, not many students know the effects of alcohol on their brain. I took a personal interest in this subject because alcoholism runs deep in my family. I want to know what effects my personal consumption of alcohol have on my brain and how they will affect my life if I continue to drink or choose to stop. Alfonso-Loeches, Silvia, and…show more content…
However, many binge drinkers are less cautious when it comes to the drive home. Also, according to their studies, women are more likely to become drunk faster due to the fact that they have less water to absorb the alcohol in their blood stream. Men on the other hand, have larger bodies and more water in their bloodstream therefore making them less susceptible to alcohol. The tests that Bernosky-Smith made her subjects take included a line test in which she asked questions and had them draw a line to an answer and a simulated driving test that involved a monetary reward if the impaired driver could get through a 9 mile course in 16.5 minutes or less. By making each drinker take tests like these, Kimberly received tangible results regarding the impairment of the individuals. This is good for me to know, as a teenager, because so often teenagers feel as though they are invincible and can drive after they have been drinking. Bonar, Erin E., Kathleen M. Young, Erica Hoffman, Shinakee Gumber, Jeremy P. Cummings, Michelle Pavlick, and Harold Rosenberg. "Quantitative and Qualitative Assessment of University Students’ Definitions of Binge Drinking." Quantitative and Qualitative Assessment of University Students’ Definitions of Binge Drinking 26.2 (2011): 187-93. Web. 3 Apr. 2013. This study was developed in order to discover what university students saw as binge drinking.
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