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Alcohol articles (CT-1) above alcohol article said about how alcohol made up of and it’s effect. How people become addict with it. Why people using alcohol and how it affects our community. (CT-2) In my opinion I believe the authors of the article were saying that due to the misuse of alcohol teenagers, high school student and college students were dying a lots due to car accident. Author try to said that if reader is alcohol abuse than they should their habits and try to help people who have alcohol abuse common problems. Again, author try to say people do not make children alcoholic because if parents or relative are alcoholic or alcohol abuse automatically children will become alcoholic. (CT-3) before reading this article on alcohol I used to think alcohol is bad to health and person who are alcoholic they are too bad people. I will never test this alcohol. (CT-4) after reading this article than also my reaction was same to alcoholic people but I will try to help them in their reason to become alcoholic because some people used alcohol to become tension free. (CT-5) in my opinion I made conclusions that people who used and abuse alcohol please do not make your friends and family as like you and be careful and anything happen by reason and it have both negative and positive reason. (QL-1) in General graph tells me about which age group people are more alcoholic and how many of them are not currently using, how much…

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