Alcohol As A Common Phenomenon Essay

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INTRODUCTION In this modern era alcohol has become an inevitable ingredient in all our festivals and holiday parties. It is hard to find a get-together party or a family function without alcohol. Beverage shops are crowded not only in weekends but also every evening. Addiction to alcohol has become a common phenomenon. In this chapter we see the brief history of drinking and about the chemistry of alcohol, characteristic features of an alcoholic, the meaning of alcoholism etc. In our society we can see that people are taking alcohol without considering their age and gender. Certain misleading wrong concepts about alcohol make us think that alcohol is somehow good and thus we may fall in the black hands of alcohol. It is good to study about the uses of alcohol, different kinds of alcohol, different patterns of drinking, different stages of alcoholic addiction etc. This very first chapter gives a brief exposition on all these aspects.
1. HISTORY OF DRINKING “The first alcoholic beverages were fermented. Scenes showing fermentation appear on pottery made in Mesopotamia as early as 4200 B.C. Brandy is probably the oldest distilled beverage. It may have been made as early as A.D. 100. By the 1400’s, whisky had been distilled in Ireland and Scotland. Gin was first made by a Flemish doctor in the 1600’s.” We all know that alcohol is a chemical compound. Its consumption is injurious to health. So in the history there were attempts to limit the use of alcohol. Alcohol is
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