Alcohol At 18 Research Paper

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Did you know that at least seventy percent of teens have consumed alcohol at some point in their teenage years? Most teenagers put their selves and the people around them at risk. They do not know safe ways of drinking alcohol because they are not educated on safe ways because parents, teachers, and any adults do not aware them. They do not want to think their child or student to drink and ignore the subject. Some parents understand they were young once and teenagers are going to do it behind or in front of their backs and provide them with a designated driver.
I personally believe that at eighteen you are old enough to know right from wrong and make your own choices in life. Eighteen years old you are old enough to vote, move out, graduate or drop out of High School at your own consent without your parents say, apply for the army, buy tobacco products, you are considered an adult at the age of eighteen years old, not a minor so you should be able o choose what you put in your body or what you want to do. Yet by law drinking is illegal if you are under the age of twenty one. At eighteen most people get alcohol one
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Understand the pressure teenagers are under and that age does not define your maturity level and some eighteen year olds are just as mature as twenty one year olds even more so. Sure some eighteen year olds might not be mature enough to drink nor handle their selves but there are twenty one year olds that are the same way and there’s really no difference besides the fact the twenty one year old has been on this earth for three more years than the eighteen year old has. I do believe age is just a number and if eighteen year olds are considered to be adults and get to be apart of everything else then they should be aloud to drink and make choices for
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