Alcohol Behavioral Couple Therapy ( Abct )

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Alcohol Behavioral Couple Therapy (ABCT) is used with individuals who have an alcohol use disorder, this therapy also includes their partners. ABCT is an outpatient treatment therapy based on an “Intimate partner behaviors and couple interactions can be triggers for drinking, and positive intimate relationship is a key source of motivation to change drinking behavior.” McCrady and Epstein (2004) explained the goal of ABCT is to help a client achieve a state of abstinence and maintain it, teach partners how to handle situations pertaining to drinking, and enhance the overall relationship. Treatment Protocol Accord to Farrell and Fals-Stewart (2006) BCT is a 12-session process, each session has a corresponding checklist for the therapist to complete. The first session is called: “Introduction, Recovery Contract, Catch Your Partner Doing Something Nice.” The checklist would require the therapist to introduce themselves and make the clients feel welcomed. The therapist would then explain in more detail what BCT is and why it is important. The third part of this checklist would be to explain promises and to ask for a verbal commitment for the clients to keep promises in the upcoming weeks. Part four gives an overview of each session that is to come in the upcoming weeks, while part five discusses trust discussion and a recovery contract. The next part of the checklist would talk about how to catch your partner doing something nice, followed by assigning at home practice.

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